The Chroma+ tube is an upgrade from our popular Chroma tube range. It uses over 300 LEDs to seamlessly create light patterns that enhance sensory experiences. With the Chroma+ tube there’s no need to worry about maintenance as no water is used which makes it a perfect option for where a bubble tube is not possible.


The Chroma+ tube works straight out of the box and will cycle through the 13 different lighting modes passivley.


If you are looking to add a more interactive element, the tube has been designed to work with our sensory remote controller. Using the 5 different buttons changes on the controller changes the colours the Chroma+ tube creates as well as the different modes it plays. This is a great option for those wanting to teach cause and effect and develop visual tracking skills.


Designed and Manufactured in the UK. Lead time of 4 weeks.

Chroma+ Tube


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