All Fibre Optic strands require an LED Light Source to work. 


Twinkle LED Lightsource’s engage the user in a very calming way. Simply using only white natural light, these Lightsource’s are an ideal way to comfort a user and promote well-being.


Passive LED Lightsource’s are a must have in any sensory room as they are perfect for engaging the senses whilst being efficient in utilising space. The Passive LED Lightsource cycles through different colours to create a host of lighting patterns.


The Interactive LED Lightsource adds extra sensory activity by way of controllers. You can choose between using a Sensory Remote Control or Dice Remote Control to control the colour of the LEDs on the strands of the LED Lightsource.


Using these remote controls gives the user the benefit of colour recognition as they develop visual sensory learning. Alternative switches can be used by using the 3.5mm jack port on the Sensory Remote Control giving those with preferred switch access the ability to interact with the Lightsource.


DMX LED Lightsource gives you the ability to control the lighting effects using DMX controllers available on the market.


Control the light on the strands of this Fibre Optic Lightsource. Robust strands that are cool to the touch, it is a perfect way to let light strands envelop the user and feel the sensory sensations of it brushing against them.


The DMX LED Lightsource will work with other DMX compatible equipment giving you full control of your sensory room. This is the perfect way to create the perfect colours that work well with user’s sensory experience.


Designed and Manufactured in the UK. Lead time up to 4 weeks.



LED Light Source

Product Category

Fibre Optic Lights (Mains Powered):

Input Voltage: 12VAC or 12VDAC
Power Consumption: 18W
Power Connector: 2.1mm jack
Ambient Temperature: 40°C maximum
Standard Lighting Colours: red, green, blue, white or white twinkle
Dimensions (of the box): Height 80mm, width 80mm, depth 160mm – 200m
Weight: 0.75kg

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