The Large Interactive System combines high technology with simple design to provide a low cost, mobile, immersive sensory system, featuring an interactive floor, suitable for special needs, hospitals, physical or social rehabilitation.


The Large Interactive System offers floor or ceiling projection* that responds to body movement when it is detected by the overhead camera.


With a mood room lighting control the Large Interactive System creates a complete sensory environment by allowing even those with very limited movement to alter many aspects of their immediate environment.


Any image, video and audio file can be added to the many effects available to build up a structured sequence specifically targeted at each learner. Teachers or therapists can design an interactive floor programme around a pupil’s specific needs and link it to a swipe card for re-use at a later date.


Multiple users can be added to the system and programmes can be changed by the simple swipe of a card. With in-built wheels the Large Interactive System can easily be moved from room to room. The camera head lowers for easy access through doorways. A fixed installation is available with floor, wall or ceiling projection*.


The software projects multiple themes and images which are combined with in-built stereo speakers and amp for excellent audio effects.


A range of stimulating and colourful interactive floor games include ‘Splat the Insects’, ‘Scatter the Stars’ and ‘Whack-a-Mole’.


The Large Interactive System projects images onto the interactive floor or ceiling making it ideal for those standing, using a wheelchair, lying on the floor or in bed. 


*Optional extra


We will contact you with a delivery and installation date which will include a training session for staff. This fee is included in the P&P.

Large Interactive Floor Projection System


We will contact you on receipt of your order to give book a delivery appointment. Upon delivery we will also show you how to use the system with a full training session. This is included in the delivery fee.

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